Most Common Questions About Sending Bulk SMS

  • Do I need any special software to send SMS?
    NO, if you have any of the products of GB Systems, the SMS sending feature is included. Otherwise, you may upload an Excel file to our platform with the information to send, and the text messages will be sent instant and automatically.

  • What do I need to send SMS?
    You need an internet connection and to buy credits to send messages.

  • Should I use my cell phone for something? 
    NO, you should not even have a line, everything is done via the Internet through our servers and companies providing these services internationally. 

  • Is it very expensive to send each SMS? 
    NO. The price per message depends on the country and the cell phone company, but basically, the prices are a couple of euro cents. You may check the prices for each country from the Prices page.

  • Will I have any reports about the messages sent? 
    YES. You will have an account with a complete Control Panel, where you can see all messages sent, which could not be sent and the cause, and the cost for each message sent.

  • Is there a minimum amount to buy credit? 
    We have several plans according to the needs of each user.

  • Can I send text messages only to my country? 
    NO, you will be able to send SMS to almost any mobile phone in the world, considering that each message can have different costs depending on destination.

  • Can I try the service, for example to verify if I get a message on my cell phone? 
    YES, contact us or visit the DEMO page. We have the ability to send test SMS messages to virtually any country worldwide.