Send Bulk SMS text messages worldwide.
Contact your customers instantly wherever they are.
Through our platform you can send mass SMS text messages to your customers, patients, etc. Our prices are the best in the market and our coverage is worldwide.
We have several options at very competitive prices.

If you have some GB Systems software package

sms gbsystems

Using a specially designed function, you will be able to  select the recipients, then create the text message to send and finally with a simple click, all SMS will be sent  instantly.

If you work with any management software

sms software gestion

No matter which program you use, the only requirement is that the program is able to export a file with clients and their cell phone numbers.

If you do not work with any software

SMS excel

Through our SMS platform, you will be able to upload a spreadsheet containing the data needed to send messages without any other software.

If you have a website

sms webste

Right from your website, you will be able to send SMS in a transparent way for the visitor, through our simple API.

General Marketing Campaigns

Imagesms marketing

From our SMS platform, you may send direct marketing campaigns by bulk text messages. Applicable to any commercial area.

Software Development Companies

desarrollo software sms

You may offer the use of this technology as a new feature in your software products. We will provide all the tools for a simple integration with your programs.


  • Scope: SMS allows you to reach your customers at any time and wherever they are located, without computer or internet connectionb. With standard EMAILS campaigns, currently the percentage of read messages is very low and variable, depending on the source of the database, the target profession, invalid addresses, etc. All of this, in addition to anti-spam controls, and considering that many emails are deleted without even being opened and many people do not read emails daily, makes contact through SMS is much more efficient.
  • Speed: Recipients will receive your message instantly.
  • Economic Benefits: Reduce the number of absences in datings, remind previously scheduled appointments, report debit balances, offering promotions and discounts, etc., etc..
  • Improved satisfaction: Because you will be able to custiomize your SMS, your customers will feel that you are aware of them.